Musashi - Kobuse Folded - San Mai Katana Sword - Koi Bamboo

Musashi - Kobuse Folded - San Mai Katana Sword - Koi Bamboo


Limited USA Supply

Forged using kobuse wrapped method with 1060 high carbon steel core and high-manganese carbon steel expertly wrapped around the front and sides. San Mai forged with clay temper to produce Ha 57 HRC (edge hardness), Mun 40 HRC (back and core hardness). Extremely sharp hand honed edge.

Although they proved difficult to photograph, there are countless beautiful layers visible along the entire blade in addition to the authentic hamon. Not a cheap screen print or faux style, this is a real folded carbon steel blade.

The outer later is a very hard carbon steel chosen for great edge retention and strength. The inner layer is a softer carbon steel and allows for flexibility while keeping the hard blade from being brittle. Both high carbon steels work together and the end result is a sword designed for high performance cutting with fast recovery. This modern day production uses the same production methods used to forge the renowned Japanese samurai swords of times past.

Product specifications:
  • Absolutely stunning workmanship and attention to detail.
  • Traditional hand forge kobuse wrapped method (San Mai).
  • Ha 57 HRC (edge hardness).
  • Mun 40 HRC (back and core hardness).
  • High-manganese carbon steel wrapped 1060 high carbon steel core.
  • Hamon and hardness created with clay temper process.
  • Real hamon, not wire brushed or printed.
  • Real ray skin wrapped grip with black cotton cord wrap.
  • Hardwood scabbard with high quality piano paint finish.
  • Extremely sharp hand honed edge.
  • Thick brass tsuba, fuchi, and kashira.
  • 41.5 in. overall, 29.5 in. blade, 11 in. handle.

Package includes:
  • Completely handmade samurai sword.
  • Serialized with Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Oversized hardwood storage and presentation box with logo.
  • Colorful satin sword bag.
  • Sword Cleaning & Maintenance Kit.

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